quick mask hack: add a nose cable with piping!

Hi folks! like everybody else in possession of a stitching machine as well as any type of amount of free time at all, I’ve been stitching masks! I’ve been utilizing the NYT pattern — not since I necessarily believe it’s the best, however since it was great Enough, as well as I discovered myself falling method way method down an Web hole of different patterns, techniques, etc. …. which was not getting any type of masks sewn!

I’m extremely lucky in that I have tons of leftover/scrap top quality cotton fabric, as well as actually more BIAS TAPE than I understood what to do with. I likewise have (as routine visitors know), vast quantities of piping, as well as much like for same.

I likewise wear glasses, as well as was thinking about perhaps having a mask with a nose cable to ensure that I might in shape it tightly as well as limit the amount of glasses-fogging that might occur. plus (and this is the important part) I had some leftover cable from a job that I don’t even keep in mind doing. The only issue was, the cable was thin as well as sharp … hmm … what to do … piping!

By adding cable to piping as well as piping the top line of the mask, I might have a tighter-fitting mask, not poke myself in the eye, as well as likewise have piping! Win-win!

Here’s exactly how to do it:

Cut out your mask pieces (fabric as well as lining) as well as sew the center seam of your mask as directed.

Cut a piece of piping long sufficient to go the whole top edge of the mask:

Cut a piece of cable (with paper scissors, not material scissors!) about 3/4 to 5/8 as long as the piece of piping (I just eyeball it):

Insert the cable into the piping. just poke that sucker in between two stitches!

Skoosh it with the piping, like you were putting elastic or a drawstring cord with a casing. It should go with fairly well, although you may have difficulty if there’s a seam in your piece of piping. Take care not to shove it so difficult that it bunches up the piping cord or goes with the piping fabric. (This is easier than it sounds, I promise!)

Make a sandwich of the piping, lining fabric, as well as outer fabric:

Note that the piping edge is going DOWN into the mask!

(I had lawns of this fine white cotton material as well as wasn’t sure where it had come from, as well as after cutting rather a great deal of it for mask linings I realized that it was leftover from the surplices my husband’s grandma utilized to sew for her regional priest …)

Sew the piping sandwich. I utilize a narrow foot. If your lining material is thinner, put that side up. basically you want to be able to feel or see the edge of the piping, to ensure that you don’t sew over it.
IMPORTANT: there is a slight possibility you might break a needle if you accidentally hit the cable (I haven’t yet) so do wear some eye protection! 

Pivot the needle at the center seam:

Turn as well as press:

If your material is likely to fray, you can surface the edge with a narrow zigzag. If you’re feeling super-ambitious you can likewise edge-stitch the lining, however I haven’t.

Finish as you otherwise would!

I hope you discover this helpful! stay well!

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