Diegogarcity, fake Bolero edition

Does this ever occur to you? someday you notice something odd, or new, or both, as well as then over the next a number of days (weeks, months, years) you begin noticing the exact same phenomenon ALL THE TIME. There’s a name for this; believe it or not — it’s called diegogarcity.

And, anyway, I must have provided you all diegogarcity, huge time, with the fake boleros, since you are all now seeing them everywhere. Here’s a recent submission, from Lorraine (or, seeing as she prefers to be understood by her stitching Conspiracy Drag Name, Dixie S. Hoyt):

This one is somewhat more elegant than a few of the other candidates, however it’s still fakety-fake-fake.

If you can online with the deception as well as the tissue of lies, click on the picture to see Woodland Farms Antiques; the pattern’s a B39 as well as $15.

And keep those fake-bolero entrances coming, if you would … perhaps later we can have a fake-bolero-off. (You know, like a contest, with voting. since the actual fake boleros DON’T COME OFF.)

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