Apparel printing methods

In the clothing industry, besides the artwork to be printed, the most crucial thing is the printing methods we`re using. There are a number of printing techniques, as well as each of them is appropriate for a specific service strategy. I hope this will response lots of concerns concerning the best printing method for your tee shirts business. This is rather basic to see which one fits your needs best, since each printing method has its pros as well as cons depending upon the number of colors used, on the timing, as well as not the least, on the costs. I am going to describe each of them as well as let you choose which technique you would prefer.
Apparel printing techniques
Apparel printing techniquesSCREEN PRINTING
It’s the most frequently utilized technique for tee shirts printing. It utilizes screens pressed up against fabric to location paint onto tee shirts one color per screen. Each press utilizes a single color, to ensure that indicates that for a tee shirts style that has 5 colors, you will requirement 5 separate screens. screen printing is high quality, expert looking, durable, as well as can be extremely cost efficient on volume orders. Some cons may be the truth that it’s untidy to work with lots of screens.  If you want to do one tee shirts or two, that’s absolutely not the ideal option for printing. Also, screen printing has configuration fees, depending upon the number of the color screens to be burned. For example, Customink utilizes this type of printing when it pertains to bulk orders.
Apparel printing techniquesDIRECT TO GARMENT printing (DTG)
While screen printing method is thought about to be standard as well as understood by everybody, direct to garment printing is relatively new. since it is new, the printer is likewise extremely expensive, however the high quality of the printed tee shirts is excellent. With the direct to garment printers, the style is printed directly on a tee shirts or on the preferred product. The art process enables unrestricted colors as well as shades to be printed, thing that might not be possible with the screen printing. It is the best choice for picture tee shirts as well as extremely in-depth images. direct to garment printing is thought about to be the only expert choice for low run orders. That indicates you can print one tee shirts or 100 without problems. The printing process in the situation of DTG takes longer than in the situation of screen printing as well as the huge downside is that the artwork can’t be printed on dark tee shirts (with few exceptions). Also, that’s the reason why the printer does not print the white color. The result is expert as well as styles are not felt on the garment.
Apparel printing techniquesHEAT press transfer printing
is most likely the very best option for a little business, as well as we are not speaking right here about starting a garments line. The warm press transfer method consists of printing a transparent ink with the utilize of a computer on a special piece of paper ( Inkjet transfer paper). full color pictures as well as of extremely high high quality can be printed, then used to the cotton garment as well as pressed in the warm press. The normal temperature is 180 degrees for 10 – 30 seconds. With the warm transfer, you can print complex designs, with lots of colors. The advantage is that the colors don’t need to be used separately. The warm press transfer is suitable for producing quick personalized t-shirts. The poor thing is that the colored photo can be used only on light t-shirts, since the colors in the style may be impacted by the tee shirts color. even that it’s quick as well as simple to print a tee shirts with the warm press transfer, the feel on transfer is heavy, as well as it cracks easily.
printing techniquesHEAT transfer vinyl PRINTING 
is the best choice for tee shirts lettering, for little tee shirts orders, for name of bands, clubs, football player as well as so on. It needs a maker (vinyl cutter) to cut out styles on special color sheets of vinyl. The cut vinyl is used onto the garment utilizing a warm press.
Apparel printing techniquesHeat transfer vinyl is not headed towards mass production, since of the heavy feel of the transfer as well as likewise since lots of colors printing is difficult to accomplish as well as requirement individually warm transfer. There are 50 colors to selected from, including fluorescent colors. This method is best of you want a tee shirts with  unique lettering.
Apparel printing techniquesDYE SUBLIMATION PRINTING
is really the warm transfer onto polyester garments as well as polyester coated products (such as mugs). dye subprocess is restricted to printing on white or light to medium colored garments that have a 100% polyester surface as well as enables for full-color printing in addition to area color printing on garments. Sublimation ink is a special ink that turns to gas when the warm is applied. The warm makes polyester poresto open as well as permanently take in the sublimation ink. however this is possible with a lot of of the non-textile garments, like mugs, puzzles, crucial chains, mouse pads etc. This method can likewise be used to polyester t-shirts, however there is a restrained demand in this chapter. dye sublimation printing likewise needs a special transfer paper which is more affordable than inkjet transfer paper, however the sublimation ink is extremely expensive.
Apparel printing techniquesBesides these techniques, there are plenty more. right here are a few of them, even that they are not utilized as commonly as the above ones, they are needed in some service areas: plastisol printing, waterbased printing, non-PVC printing, discharge printing, metallic inks, shine inks, foil, gel, 3d printing, cut as well as sew, embroidery, thermochromic, photochromic (color changing).

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