Pure Sugar.

Okay, another link from Julie, who has somehow internalized my taste. (Julie, you ought to really go to the doctor and get that checked out.)

If I had a little girl, I would absolutely make her this dress. Of course, whether little girls today want to dress like this is another question entirely — so numerous of the clothes I see for little girls seem predicated on their having to be available, at any moment, to jump in as backup dancers in a music video — but I would make it, absolutely. I’d make it (as the pattern suggests) in white-and-blue dotted swiss with a blue midriff and blue bows, or pink and white seersucker with a pink midriff and pink bows. Or really, in any combination she wanted.

I think when I was twelve I would have cheerfully dug a ten-foot ditch for a dress like this (in grass-green gingham, by choice). but then, I was an odd child …

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