BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: SeventhInk anniversary Sale

SeventhInk anniversary Sale
SeventhInk is a one-man operation lead by Matthew Johnson. It’s one of the most long-lasting independent clothing brands that I’ve been composing about. I now see that it’s really been 10 years since its inception as well as is still going strong. apart from T-shirts, the collection has come to include prints, patches, pins, engraved products as well as more.
Because this is truly something to celebrate, SeventhInk has debuted a few new items, together with special Black Friday prices, for a restricted time.
I see $25 t-shirts, $8 patches as well as $20 screen-prints among other things. however what it appears like the piece de resistance is the 10th anniversary Alpha ceramic stein, which is absolutely epic. in shape for the spirit of a viking, it features the Tenth anniversary Alpha design. only 7 of these will be available.


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